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PYDAH College of Pharmacy envisions itself as a world-class hub for pharmacy research and technical knowledge, aiming to make a significant contribution in wisdom and humanity for the development of the apprentices into highly disciplined, internationally competent individuals with high ethical standards.

PYDAHCOP envisions itself as a centre of excellence for pharmacy education,research, and the on-going professional development of pharmacists in rural areas. The institutions many programs, which are supported by stakeholders, are helping to  accomplish the objective.


1.To create professionally competent and moral pharmacists of global standards to
    meet the demands of rural to global healthcare
2.To motivate students to pursue pharmacy education of worldwide standards
3.To provide an academic environment that is challenging
4.To foster a safe, orderly and disciplined college environment
5.To inspire and challenge students to set high academic and research standards and
    to meet high expectations
6.To develop, promote and nurture ethical values

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