White fungus is more dangerous than the black fungus because black fungus effects only the lungs whereas the white fungus effects Lungs as well as each and every part of the body.

Firstly it was reported in Patna ,Bihar. It is considered as the most dangerous than the black fungus. Mainly, the patients (who is effected with white fungus) shows the covid 19 symptoms but they were tested negative in every reports.But the detail investigation by the doctors ,that they were infected with the white fungus .The white fungus was detected by the HRCT Test.

They are not only affects the patient lungs but also affects like stomach, brain and parts of the mouth, Doctors said.

The patients who are suffering with diabetes or on steroids for long time are at more risk of getting infected by the Black fungus where the white fungus is spreading even through the tap water that which acts as a source of the chest infection.

Why the fungus is mostly affected the lungs??Because it is the most damaged part.And the refilling of the cylinders have a very high fungal burden, unsanitary oxygen cylinder may consist airborne.

Both the white and the black fungus identified by the common symptoms like dry nose, headache, pain under sinus region, eye redness. Pain at the anterior or the posterior region and bleeding from the nose.

Black fungus

If the black fungus is affected the lungs region shows the symptoms like fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. Whereas white fungus shows the covid symptoms but It goes critical than black fungus.

Affecting areas

Black Fungus - Face,Infecting Nose,Orbit Of the Eye,Brain

White Fungus - Brain,Respiratory Organ,Digestive Tract,Mouth And Nail Bed,Private Part

Note: Besides adult young children are more prone to white fungal infection

How can we prevent black and white fungus?

To prevent black fungus infection should control sugar levels during covid with or without Steroids whereas under white fungus conditions sanitization of ventilators or oxygen cylinders.

Both have the common preventions like avoid eating unwashed fruits and vegetables.Avoid eating or drinking of refrirated items.-Doctors said.

Treatment:The black fungus is mainly caused by the molds called mucormycetes whereas the white fungus is caused by candida. The medication is used respectively.





· Immediateconsultation with an ENT doctors,ophthalmologist or the doctor who is treating the patients in case of any abnormal findings.

· Regular treatment and follow-up. strict control and monitoring of less sugar levels in diabetes.

· Regular medication and follow-up for other comorbidities.

· No self medication with steroid or anti biotics or anti-fungal drugs.

· MRI or CT SCAN with contrast-para nasal sinuses and orbit if needed on doctors advice.

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